Muhammad Fahd Waseem

Engineer-Manager at the World's Leading Oilfield Services Provider

BSc. Electronic Engineering | 12 years work experience


2022 - Present

Product and Service Delivery Manager - Testing Services (TS) | Schlumberger, Oman

Serving as the manager for all the sub-segments applicable to TS domain, including Downhole and Surface Testing and Sampling.

Holding total country-segment level corporate ownership, including:


2007 - 2011

BSc. (Electronics Engineering) | Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Pakistan

Graduated with the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Medal for Best Graduate

Attained a CGPA of 3.49 over 8 semesters

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Registration Number : ELECTRO/27763


Waseem, M. F., Butt, M. S., Abbas, A., Javed, R., Awan, M. S., & Nawaz, A. (2017, November 22). "A Study on the Use of Multiphase Flow Meters for Complex Condensate Production Testing in Pakistan". Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). DOI:10.2118/191280-MS

Waseem, M. F. (2013, January). "An Innovative Control Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Robots by Displacement of Computing Operations to Operator Stations". International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering (IJCCE). Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 13-15. DOI:10.7763/IJCCE.2013.V2.125 


2014 - 2016

Pioneered the introduction of the mobile Schlumberger Multiphase Flow Meter (PhaseTester Vx) in the Pakistan upstream hydrocarbon market for well testing. Moved the project from conception to completion, through the phases of convincing clients, proving fit-for-purpose competitive value and delivering unmatched data quality. Significant extra revenue generated, to the tune of 1 million USD

2012 – 2013

Instrumental in the field testing and introduction of the Schlumberger Signature Downhole Gauges series in Pakistan

2009 – 2010

Co-founded the SAVIOUR Robotics team, which participated in the RoboCup Internationals (Graz, Austria, 2009) in the 'Urban Search and Rescue' category. Led the team to the RoboCup Regionals (Tehran, Iran, 2010)