Muhammad Fahd Waseem


Waseem, M. F., Butt, M. S., Abbas, A., Javed, R., Awan, M. S., & Nawaz, A. (2017, November 22). "A Study on the Use of Multiphase Flow Meters for Complex Condensate Production Testing in Pakistan". Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). DOI:10.2118/191280-MS

Waseem, M. F. (2013, January). "An Innovative Control Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Robots by Displacement of Computing Operations to Operator Stations". International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering (IJCCE). Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 13-15. DOI:10.7763/IJCCE.2013.V2.125

Print & Media

The Pulitzer Center, USA

The winning essay of the Round 7 of Global Issues/Citizen Voices Writing Contests (partnered with Helium), July 2009.

Topic: With mounting violence, a surge in Taliban support and growing numbers of displaced persons making front-page news in Pakistan, are we getting an accurate picture of realities on the ground?

DistroWatch (Linux, BSD)

Topic: Linux and Distributions Through the Years

Feature Story from DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 284, 5 January 2009