Muhammad Fahd Waseem

Notable Projects

2014 - 2016

Pioneered the introduction of the mobile Schlumberger Multiphase Flow Meter (PhaseTester Vx) in the Pakistan upstream hydrocarbon market for well testing. Moved the project from conception to completion, through the phases of convincing clients, proving fit-for-purpose competitive value and delivering unmatched data quality. Significant extra revenue generated, to the tune of 1 million USD

2012 – 2013

Instrumental in the field testing and introduction of the Schlumberger Signature Downhole Gauges series in Pakistan

2010 – 2011

As Final Year Project at university, modeled, simulated, developed and proof-of-concept prototyped a Low Cost Ultrasound Medical Imager in this award winning project. Developed using high speed, low noise, custom-made data acquisition systems and pulsed using beamformed high voltage data. Used FPGAs for system integration and scoped an Intel Atom® based embedded platform for data output

2009 – 2010

Co-founded the SAVIOUR Robotics team, which participated in the RoboCup Internationals (Graz, Austria, 2009) in the 'Urban Search and Rescue' category. Led the team to the RoboCup Regionals (Tehran, Iran, 2010)

Significant University Course Projects

ASIC & VLSI Design

Developed and simulated logic Latch cells for the CMOS 90nm process

Electronics II

Implemented a LabVIEW® Based DC Motor position control function with manual fallback

Antenna Design

Designed and simulated circular-loop cased Yagi-Uda Array in Ansoft HFSS®

Circuit Analysis

Developed a Touch Responsive Application Switching System - TRASS (Applying for Patent)

Engineering Economy

Feasibility of purchasing a MEMS testing facility for the Faculty of Electronics, GIKI